Our Company Overview

Revolutionizing delivery with sustainable EV solutions. Our company offers not just eco-friendly deliveries but also public amenities like parking and charging facilities.

As a leading EV delivery company, we specialize in sustainable logistics. Beyond eco-friendly deliveries, we provide public amenities like convenient parking and charging stations. Embrace a greener future with us as we prioritize efficient deliveries while fostering a community-friendly environment with accessible facilities for all.

Our Services

We're Delivering!!


Logistics Services

The Dedicated On Demand Fleet!!

First mile involves transporting goods from the supplier or manufacturer to a central warehouse, focusing on sourcing, manufacturing, and initial transport.

The mid mile covers the movement of goods from the central warehouse to regional distribution hubs, with an emphasis on warehousing, inventory management, and intermediate transport.

Finally, the last mile is the delivery from regional hubs to the end customer, concentrating on final delivery and customer satisfaction. Optimizing each stage enhances efficiency and reduces costs.


Warehousing Services

Forward Stock Locations!!

Micro fulfillment centers focus on rapid processing and delivery of online orders, typically located near urban areas to ensure quick delivery times. They emphasize efficient storage, inventory management, and order fulfillment to meet the demands of e-commerce.

Micro distribution centers are strategically positioned to facilitate the movement of goods to regional warehouses and retail locations. They handle storage, cross-docking, and efficient inventory management to streamline the distribution process. Both types of facilities aim to optimize space utilization, ensure inventory accuracy, and control costs, leveraging advanced technology for seamless operations.


Charging Stations

World Without Global-Warming!!

Captive Stations are dedicated charging stations designed specifically for private fleets. These stations ensure that fleet vehicles have reliable and exclusive access to charging infrastructure.

Non-Captive Stations for public charging stations available for use by any electric vehicle. These stations are strategically located to provide convenient access for all EV users, supporting the growing demand for electric mobility.

Parking Spaces are secure and convenient parking solutions tailored for various vehicle types. Our parking facilities are designed to ensure safety and ease of access, providing ample space and security.


Distribution Centers

sell products or services directly to consumers!!

Product Aggregation, which offers a wide range of products or services from various suppliers or manufacturers. This allows customers to access multiple offerings in one place, providing convenience and choice.

Customer Focus, where we builds long-term relationships with customers, providing excellent customer service, and addressing feedback and concerns promptly.

Opportunity to expand their business by recruiting new distributors and expanding their sales network

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working with us

Excellent app, the design is so smooth, easy to use . Tracking section is so good. Some problem facing sometime. Other wise app is good for our onboarding process.


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Then, you can send us your inventory and the fun begins. We’ll choose a delivery day together so your fulfilment is not interrupted.



We pick, pack and ship all incoming orders directly from our own warehouse until 12pm on the same day,